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Based on a large number of years of mold building and manufacturing experience, we at RGM Tooling Consultants, Inc. are committed to manage and deliver World Class Tooling and Parts.

Our credo is to deliver World Class Tooling at reduced pricing using Low Cost Country (LCC) suppliers costs with management by experienced tooling engineers and program managers.

There will be no difference in the tooling supplied from LCC suppliers from what is being manufactured in the U.S.

Not only do we have experienced personnel here in the U.S., but have employed Asian engineers and program managers that are very experienced as well.

Let us be your supplier to save costs with no risk of lesser quality tooling from a LCC supplier.

We look forward to working with you in the future for your tooling requirements.

We have recently added a new Chinese facility, conveniently located across the bay from Hong Kong, so we are even better able to provide our clients with high quality parts at an exceptional value.

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RGM has it’s own FTP site which is securely and easily accessible to our customers.

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With years of experience, RGM Tooling's well-oiled process provides expert solutions for any budget.

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