RGM Tooling offers a wide variety of services, as listed below, using primarily LCC sources. We are also affiliated with many domestic suppliers and can manufacture tools, parts, or components as required, with efficiency and value that will enhance the end delivery to any customer.

Injection Molds

We offer designing and manufacturing plastic injection molds in the following categories:

  • Standard Injection Molds
  • Shuttle Molds
  • Compression Molds
  • Two Shot Injection Molds
  • Precision Tolerance Molds

These molds are offered through a series of five (5) manufacturing partners in China. All tools are brought through RGM USA HQ or strategic partners within North America and Europe. Tools are received, validated and prepared for shipment to our final Customer.

Stamping Dies

We offer design and manufacturing of the following:

  • Transfer Dies
  • Progressive Dies

Prototype Tooling and Parts

We offer the design and manufacture of Prototype Tooling and the manufacture of the parts required from these tools. We offer an extremely good turn-around period with competitive pricing.

Check Fixtures

We offer both imported and domestic design and manufacture of Check Fixtures and Gages. These can be handled abroad as well as being handled in the U.S.A. based on requirements from the customer.

Production Molded and Stamped Parts

We have the ability, through our manufacturing suppliers in China, to offer the production of molded parts and the ability to warehouse these parts in the U.S. to allow for timely delivery to our customers.

Tooling Details

Through two of our manufacturing parts, we have the ability to print details on your tooling and fixtures that show U.S.A component standards. Our process allows us to deliver this in a cost effective manner.

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